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A brief look behind the scenes!

First of all, thanks so much for stopping by! Kindled Harmony is a small, independent, black woman-owned business with a focus on quality, renewable products. The candle journey began in 2019. What started as a bit of R&D into a shared activity for mother and daughter in different parts of the country quickly became a new part of life. A simple search of how to make candles spiraled into various wax and wick types. This is a craft with hundreds of hours of time, dedication, and love put into it to achieve a product that we're proud to offer. After months of testing, a few months of searching for the right vessels, and another few months of testing the time finally came to offer the wax products that'd so lovingly been made.


 We look for ways to be more sustainable and eco friendly regularly, minimizing negative environmental impacts while striving for high quality home fragrance. All products are made in small batches with overall quality and performance in mind. Our wax blends have been tested not only for scent throw, but also for aesthetic qualities. Due to the nature of natural materials, some variation is to be expected; however we  hope that you love our products as much as we do. Everything from our product composition, labels, and packaging has been scrutinized heavily to deliver the high quality products that we offer.

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As a small, independently owned, business most work is done by myself. Everything is accomplished in-house including product research, testing, sourcing, formulations, label design, website design, photography, etc. That said, I do have an amazing set of friends and family (complete with a wonderful, supportive, new husband) that assist when needed, usually with craft fairs, though I often get to ramble on about candle waxes, melt pools, and wicks!

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