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Actively seeking more sustainable ways of operation is important to Kindled Harmony. As we grow and continue to offer new products we are simultaneously looking for ways to utilize recyclable and compostable materials where we can.

Candle Wax Before Melting


Kindled Harmony takes pride in blending a variety of natural, renewable waxes in order to achieve long lasting, high quality candles. We utilize an in house blend of  soy wax, coconut wax, palm wax (derived from RSPO-certified palm oil), and beeswax in our candles and melts.

Wicks & Fragrance

Our candles are made with ethically sourced wooden wicks from US-Based Forest Stewardship Council Certified Mills. The wicks are untreated and non-toxic.

To remain in line with our quality standards, we only use phthalate free, high quality fragrance oils designed for use in candles and melts in our products. As with our waxes, we utilize the same care when testing and introducing fragrances for our products. Our candles are crafted with IFRA (International Fragrance Association) safety standards and usage rates in mind.


Packaging & Shipping


In an effort to reduce our use of plastic, we've opted to find alternatives in packaging where possible in both the products that we use and that we offer. This is why our listed wax melts are packaged in either glassine, a paper product, or rice paper bags with small windows and minimal lining as to prevent staining and fragrance loss.


We use a variety of environmentally friendly packaging options when preparing orders for shipment. Depending on the product's size and shape, it may be packed in a box, wrapped with honeycomb packing or another recyclable material, and surrounded with compostable packing peanuts.


Between batches of candles and melts we clean our pouring pots, glass stirring rods, measuring cups, and other tools with plant based products.

Soap Smear


We offer a variety of candle vessels that are designed to fit almost any aesthetic. Once a candle can no longer be burned, we suggest cleaning and recycling the vessel, or our favorite, cleaning and reusing the vessel. Depending on the size, the vessels would be great in an array of applications such as storage solutions for your stationary supplies, makeup brush holders, craft room supply holders (we've got a few for brushes, pens, pre-cut wicks, clips, lighters, etc.), or planters!

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